On the Campaign Trail: The First Day

Saturday, October 24 was my first day covering the campaigns, just a few days after I arrived in Iowa. The day started early in Ames, IA at the Alpha Gamma Roh fraternity at Iowa State University where Ben Carson made a stop for a town hall on the front lawn. Carson hasn't spent much time in Iowa but had just overtaken Donald Trump in the polls. Afterwards I followed him to a book signing a few miles away.

Before my next event, I met up and had lunch with Steve Crowley, a staff photographer and friend at The New York Times' Washington, D.C. bureau. Steve has always been supportive so we talked shop and planning before parting ways. I went to wait on the start of the Bernie Sanders rally and march in Des Moines, my last assignment of the day. I chatted with campaign staff and was able to arrange better access for more dynamic photos.

As the march was still going on I got a text that one of the two other freelancing for Reuters injured himself at a rally and I was assigned to cover the event with the remaining shooter. Scott Morgan and I split duties, with me in the buffered area near the stage and Scott working the perimeter. Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O'Malley all spoke and tried to rally their supporters and win new ones and when all was said and done, I wrapped up a 16 hour day covering the campaigns.

All images copyright Reuters or Mark Kauzlarich, 2015.