On the Campaign Trail: The Cruz Cruise (Pt. 2)

In the political realm there's something known as "the full Grassley". Named after the senior Senator from Iowa, it means hitting all 99 counties of Iowa in one campaign cycle. For most candidates, it's a prerequisite, but even that isn't enough for bragging rights. Others tout how they've had stops in 99 counties, not just driving through and stepping out of their car. Ted Cruz didn't quite pull off "the full Grassley" in one trip but he got nearly a third of the way there.

Hitting a new town every few hours can be disorienting. You get on a bus at one location, unload, look for photos while you wait for the candidate to arrive, try to remember what day of the week it is or what city you're in, shoot some more, pack up, and do it all over again. It also is hard to tell if there's actually anyone else running for the Republican nomination anymore because you're in a bubble.

Sadly for me, there were other people that Reuters needed to cover and after four days, I had to fall short of completing the "full Cruz". However, the last two days did give me some of my favorite photos of the campaign cycle and I'm sharing them below.