A 1980s Oldsmobile sits up on wood blocks in a low income neighborhood of Rockaway, Queens, NY. This block and the one next to it were designated by the Department of City Planning as needing further planning for adaptation over time.
 Birds sit on a wire in the Ocean Breeze neighborhood, Staten Island, NY. Ocean Breeze, like all the neighborhoods along the southeast shore of Staten Island, sits in a floodplain and was devastated by Hurricane Sandy.
 A rural homestead along Highway 59 between Buck Grove and Denison, Iowa on January 21, 2016. Mark Kauzlarich for Die Zeit
 A vendor at Madison Square Garden sells popcorn prior to the Saturday match of the League of Legends World Championship semifinals in New York. Mark Kauzlarich for TIME
 Lenny's Clam Bar, an institution in the in the Howard Beach neighborhood, is lit up against a stormy sky in Queens, NY. Lenny's, along Cross Bay Boulevard, along the west bank of the Shellbank Basin, is in an area the Department of City Planning said needed to be be supported as a vibrant commercial corridor.
 Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump is seen on television during the Republican debate on FOX Business network as seen at the High Life Lounge in Des Moines, IA.
 A fan goes to take a photo during the first semifinal match between SK Telecom T1 and ROX Tigers on Friday night at Madison Square Garden. Mark Kauzlarich for TIME
 TKTK in Bison, SD on April 13, 2018.
 George Hodgman poses for a portrait in the childhood home he shared with his mother in Paris, MO on February 24, 2015. Hodgman is a former New York City book and magazine editor who went back to his small hometown care for his elderly mother Betty who was suffering from debilitating dementia. His memoir, titled "Bettyville," about his experiences with Betty and growing up a gay only child in a small Midwest town went on to be a breakout best seller. Mark Kauzlarich for The New York Times
 Ferguson photos with the Carter Family.

-49 years old
-2004 6 months for receiving stolen credit cards (was doing crack at the time), 3 years parole
-brother doing 50 years for shooting a mans head off
-former prostitute

-13 years at Ford on the line
-former Air Force (3 years? 2?) Got in in 1973 at 21 years old
-injured (head) and on disability (how???)
-tazed twice and can't sleep


Dennis Jones
-went to school with Earl in Kinloch
 Redd waits for a friend in his Cadillac Escalade before going to the liquor store to buy more Hennessey. Despite the common narrative of absent parents and risky behavior, Redd and his friends hang out on the street outside one of their parent's house.
 Ferguson shooting the day before Darnell's funeral.
 TKTK in Meadow, SD on July 31, 2017.
 45�38'23.3"N 102�02'21.7"W. 121 miles from the nearest McDonald's.

Cowboys scare a calf into a pen while sorting them for sale on land owned by a grazing association west of Meadow, SD on October 8, 2017. Grazing associations provide a way for multiple ranchers to defray the costs of land owning and usage for grazing cattle and on occasion provide access to national grasslands and grazing areas.
 TKTK in Meadow, SD on August 3, 2017.
 45�24'42.3"N 102�16'54.3"W. 112 miles from the nearest McDonald's.

Riley Cihak fesses up to a mistake made while working as a hand on a ranch in the old abandoned town of in Chance, SD. Without a ranch in the family or the sizable savings required to buy a ranch, many locals with the skills to work with cattle work on a freelance basis for ranch owners, though some like Cihak have earned their way to permanent jobs for other ranchers.
 45�24'42.3"N 102�16'54.3"W. 112 miles from the nearest McDonald's.

Randy Hapney holds the neck of a horse while doing chiropractic work on a ranch on the old abandoned town of Chance, SD. Equine chiropractic work was generally looked at with suspicion for years but more ranchers have begun to use their services to fix issues with horses to keep them healthy and working longer.
 Nighttime scenes at Kangaroo Lake and Stonehenge Golf Course
 45�33'14.2"N 102�30'36.1"W. 114 miles from the nearest McDonald's.

Eliza Blue holds her daughter Emily as her son Max closes his eyes and feels the coming storm winds on his face as they stand near an abandoned farmhouse on their leased land in Meadow, SD on July 31, 2017. Ranchers and farmers have spent much of the droughty summer watching clouds on the horizon, hoping storms would hit, but most pass by without rain.
 Photos of weather and scenes around Door County.
 A photo of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump stands over the fence at the home of George Davey, a formerly registered independent turned Republican Trump supporter. Davey puts up signage every election at his home off Jordan Creek Parkway and Pommel Place in Des Moines, IA.