Mark is a photojournalist currently in New York, NY.

Originally from Wisconsin, Mark Kauzlarich is a New York City based documentary photographer. He holds a Master's of Arts in Journalism from the University of Missouri and dual Bachelors degrees in Political Science and Middle East Studies from the University of Wisconsin. Mark speaks and reads two dialects of Arabic. In 2015, Mark interned at The New York Times.

Mark has contributed to the following publications and clients: 

  • The New York Times
  • TIME
  • CNN
  • Reuters
  • The New York Times Lens Blog
  • TIME Lightbox
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Bloomberg
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Die Zeit

His work has also been published by:

  • Newsweek
  • The Atlantic
  • PBS
  • NBC
  • Mother Jones
  • Fortune

Mark's work has been in curated shows and galleries at:

  • 2016 - Encounters: Picturing the Campaign for POTUS - Gulf & Western Gallery, New York, NY
  • 2015 - Parting Shots - McDougall Center for Photojournalism Gallery, Columbia, MO

He has received numerous awards for his work and a fruit basket from CNN.

He is available for hire for reportage, portrait, or general news assignments in the United States or internationally.

All Photos: ©2016 Mark Kauzlarich

Photo by Geoffrey Berliner/The Center for Alternative Photography  

Photo by Geoffrey Berliner/The Center for Alternative Photography